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Automate Your Business

Don't you wish your website could run itself? We sure do. That's why we're working on tools that will automate your ecommerce website. To try out our latest free online tools, click on "Tools" in the navigation menu.

We're working on a few more products right now:

  • WebUnicorn Webpage Creator - With this wizard, you won't need to spend hours learning to code HTML or thousands of dollars hiring a professional web designer to create your website. You won't even worry about making your own designs because the WebUnicorn will provide ready-to-use templates.

  • AdManager - You'll have total control over the advertisements on your websites. Sell directly to the advertisers, and keep 100% of the revenues. The easy-to-use administrator panel will make it a breeze to manage, and the advertiser panel will make it just as easy for advertisers.

  • Paypal Deliveryman - If you use Paypal to sell software or ebooks, you know how long it can take between payment and delivery. The Paypal Deliveryman will handle all digital deliveries for you, simply and securely.

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